Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pop versus Cliché

Cliche was an extension of a newer art, opposing the Pop  

referred to Shukor Yahya's latest series of paintings. 20 pieces of these paintings were exhibited during the whole month of September 2005, at the lobby of The New Straits Times building in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. 

The exhibition was entitled 

Cliché Art - Exposing the Exposed. 

The event managed to grab the attention of many newspaper reporters 

from the Malay Mail, the New Straits Times and Malay newspaper, 

Berita Harian i.e. Daily News and Metro. As these newspapers are the 

mainstream newspapers with millions of readerships in Malaysia, the 

publicity written in them had attracted the public, art fraternity 

as well as politicians.

This site is dedicated to the fans of the late Andy Warhola and Jeri

"Pop versus Cliché." Size: 52”X52”. Medium: Emulsion on canvas.

          Jeri and I. Januari 1989. Jalan Limau Manis, Bangsar.

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  1. I like your portrait of Andy, as well as the other portraits on your website. I live about 60 km from the Andy Warhol Museum In Pittsburgh, Warhol's home town and have visited it often.

    See my own portrait of Andy:

    I recently started a series on my blog called "The Creative Process" explaining how I created a particular work of art or a group of works. I have posted only 3 to date, but plan on posting many in the future. I was an art teacher for 32 years. I suppose I just cannot stop teaching.

  2. I noted that you have visited my blog and that you added yourself as a follower. I am honored. I visited all three of you blogs and found I enjoyed and understood this one the most. I have no real background knowledge to apply towards understanding the art and your notations on the other two - This is definitly my shortcoming and does not reflect on your art. Thank you for sharing with us all.