Friday, January 2, 2009

Malaysia Open Show 2005

"I’m not senile." 
Size: 52”X52”. 
Medium: Emulsion on canvas 

During the same year, from 17th November until 12th December 2005, 

three newer Cliché Art paintings made it appearance again when they were

exhibited in the Open Show at the National Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur.

Size: 52”X52”. 
Medium: Emulsion on canvas

The event aimed to involve all artists throughout Malaysia from all ages who are working in all forms of media. It was also intended to provide an overview of contemporary developments either in terms of artistic style or medium in the country.

"Pssst, go Glocal." 

Size: 52”X52”. 

Medium:Emulsion on canvas.

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  1. Your art is amazing.

    I now HAVE to floow your BLOG. Please stop by to see me at mine when you have a few minutes.