Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Life's graphic images 

“The real war criminal is George W Bush” Size: 52”x52”.  Medium: Emulsion on canvas

A new exhibition entitled Cliche Art - Exposing The Exposed by Shukor Yahya was on at Balai Berita of the New Straits Times Press building in Kuala Lumpur till Sept 30, 2005. For those who missed the show here is your chance see the works. 


"Get out of here." Size: 52”X52”. Medium: Emulsion on canvas.

It featured 20 paintings on canvas. Most of the pieces were portraits of famous personalities. Among them were Andy Warhol, Osama Bin Laden, US President George W. Bush, former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, former Prime Ministers Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

"I never lie." Size: 52”X52”. Medium: Emulsion on canvas.

Several of the paintings reflect Shukor's eye for the whimsical aspects of his life. 



" I’m innocent." Size: 52”X52”. Emulsion on canvas

Among them are The Weekend Warrior, a portrait of a cyclist reflecting cycling
as his favourite pastime and The Cat and The Mouse, a painting showing a cat sniffing at a (computer) mouse.

Title: The Weekend Warrior. Size: 30”X30”. Medium: Emulsion on canvas

Title: Cat and mouse game. Size: 58”X42”. Medium: Mix media

Shukor Yahya, 52, a full-time painter, has been a graphic artist for more than 30 years.


Title: The triumph. Size: 30”X30”. Medium: Emulsion on canvas

His inspirations for ClicheArt - Exposing The Exposed was drawn from current events in the print media such as newspapers , magazines and TV.


Think again! Size: 30”X30”. Medium: Emulsion on canvas

My idea for the paintings was derived from what I see, hear and read.

The Graduation. Size: 30”X30”. Medium: Emulsion on canvas 

What interests me is not just the newsmakers as personalities but also what they say and do," he said.

Shukor used emulsion paints for his pieces, giving solidity to the pieces with its strong colour and texture. "I decided to experiment with the paints because of their durability," he said.

The Fighter. Size: 30”X30”. Medium: Emulsion on canvas

However, the process of painting the portraits is more meticulous than one would have thought. 

Welcome to Malaysia. Size: 30”X30”. Emulsion on canvas.

Firstly, the pictures are scanned on to a computer. Depending on the complexity of the subject each picture would take 1 through weeks or more to be processed into graphic images by a special software on the computer. 

The picture's outlines are then transferred on to the canvas and before it is ready to be painted with colours onto the canvas.

My MP needs helping hands. Size: 30”X30”. Emulsion on canvas. (a private collection)

This was Shukor's first solo exhibition in Malaysia. His previous solo exhibition was in Melbourne, Australia in 1988 followed by several group exhibitions here.


Exhibition hours were from 9am till 6pm daily. Admission was free.


Do'a (supplification). Size: 30”X30”. Emulsion canvas. (a private collection)



  1. Is this exhibition still on now {dec 2008}?

  2. magnifiction,indeed !